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If you have questions or are looking for something in particular, I am happy to help, just email me at or use the contact form.       

Welcome!  To navigate this site, just click on any of the tabs above for more information.

Most prices are listed, once you click on a picture.  If an item is sold, it may be possible for me to produce a reproduction for you.

My site is always a work in progress, and I usually have more items available than shown.  I am here and happy to assist you!

Grab your favorite beverage, kick back, browse the site and we'll go from there...enjoy!
A bit about my art...

This is the site of my Original Art.  I also carry a line of print-on-demand items at 


I believe art is very personal, individual and subjective.  What draws you to a piece may be its color, style, texture, or perhaps it triggers a memory or evokes a feeling.  For whatever the reason, we like what we like, and I hope you find something here that speaks to you.

As I continue my art journey, I feel my work is ever evolving.  Currently, I create abstract and semi-abstract artwork, generally working with texture mediums, acrylic paints, and resin on cradled wood panels.  I apply paint to surfaces using a variety of techniques and like to try new things I like to bring a fun and whimsical approach to many pieces, but also create many "classic" contemporary pieces. Is there such a thing, I wonder?

Commission work is also an option - I'd be happy to discuss bringing your vision to life.


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